Lightning Migration

What is Lightning Migration Technology?

Salesforce Lightning is a cutting-edge technology from Salesforce which has taken the business proceedings to next level. But due to inexperience and no proper knowledge about the process, Lightning migration technology becomes a tough job for several firms. But when done under the guidance of experts, Lightning migration technology is a smooth transition that will…


Is it possible for an AppExchange package to create a custom list of custom fields?

Salesforce AppExchange is the cloud computing store of Salesforce that is employed by developers to sell the apps which they have developed on the Salesforce platform. As we all know, the main intention of Salesforce to come up with AppExchange is to offer comprehensive and all-in-one solutions ranging from both full-scale skilled automation apps to point…

salesforce classic to lightning

How do I migrate Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning?

Lightning is an advanced and exciting technology from Salesforce that can transform the processes of businesses. But many organizations make Salesforce lightning Migration to Classic to be a tedious process that needs a huge amount of analysis, preparation, testing, and execution. This makes many firms avoid the migration process until they’re forced to do it. However,…