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How Can Salesforce Implementation Help Business?

Salesforce has supported different types of businesses to expand in the market with smooth management of existing customers and gaining quality leads. It is a highly popular CRM platform adopted by a diverse range of businesses across the globe to enhance their process in the path of success. The majority of businesses that have employed…


What is the difference between Visualforce Components and lightning components?

Salesforce has been widely promoting Lightning components since its introduction. There has been confusion among existing and new customers regarding the use of visual force components and lightening components. As a framework that includes tag-based mark-up language and server-side controllers, Visualforce helps in building tailored user interfaces with native hosting. Lightening is an advanced UI…

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What Is Apex and Visual Force?

Visualforce is a component-based user interface (UI) framework that allows the development of strong and reusable interfaces. Apex is a platform for developing software as a service (SaaS) applications based on the CRM functionality of Salesforce. What is Apex and where to use it: Apex is a dynamically inputted, object-oriented programming language that lets developers…

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What can Salesforce do for my Business?

What will Salesforce provide you? All-inclusive advanced CRM solutions Excellent choice of customization Availability of CRM apps Unmatched data security Better Cost efficiency Creative business solutions How salesforce will increase your business performance? Salesforce CRM tool is created with the customer centric approach, enabling your company to help customers, respond to concerns, get solutions and…